No one likes digital payment fees or slow transactions when it comes to payment processing. Providing digital payment solutions requires an innovative team, innovative service models, and innovative partnerships with the best in the industry. The digital payments industry is growing rapidly, and with digital commerce accounting for over 25% of all retail sales in the United States alone, digital payment processing has never been more important. At Capstone, we provide digital payment solutions for small, mid-sized, and large businesses, and can work with all forms of payment including crypto.

PartnerWith Us

Capstone offers a referral partnership program: For every referral onboarded, receive up to 50% monthly commission for the life of the account. Merchant saves money, CPS gains client, and you receive passive income. It’s a win-win.

What if you could save money on digital transactions by partnering with a company that knows how to lower fees?

The team at Capstone Payment Solutions has partnered with some of the biggest digital payment companies in the world to offer reduced rates and better services for clients, without sacrificing convenience or security. These partnerships give our clients more value for their money and help us continue to provide the best service in the industry.

Whether you're a small business just starting out or an enterprise looking for efficient digital payment processing, Capstone Payment Solutions can offer you a viable set of solutions that WORK. It all starts with building relationships and leveraging key knowledge and insight as a team to create solutions that are dynamic and nimble. You can't afford to be complacent when it comes to adaptation, and through strategic partnerships, that demand becomes easier to fill.

The digital payment processing space is growing, and evolving right in front of us.

Digital payment processing involves a complex network of relationships and interactions that require symbiotic initiatives and strategies. There are lots of moving parts that go into making a digital purchase, and all require precision in order to be efficient. For example, at a point of sale, digital payments are initiated by a digital payment processor at the register, which is aligned with multiple digital gateways before being sent to the digital wallet.

The best partners are those who think about what they can do for you, not just how much money they can make off of your business. When it comes to success in digital payments and processing, there's no room for cutting corners, overpromising, and underdelivering. Every single part of the larger ecosystem of payments has to work succinctly, and in a way that keeps purchases running smoothly and doesn't add unneeded costs.

How Capstone Payment Solutions lowers digital payment fees and works for you.

At Capstone Payment Solutions we have the experience and expertise to make those connections work FOR you. Our partnerships with some of the biggest digital payment companies in the world allow us to offer our clients unmatched value through reduced digital payment fees. We can handle all types of digital payments, including crypto, and are evolving as the industry evolves to expand as we go. We're able to do this by passing along our volume discounts directly to you, as well as providing a superior service model that exceeds industry standards.

It's because of these powerful partnerships that we're able to provide more value for our clients- and when they succeed, so do we. When businesses are able to save money on their digital payments processing, it frees up capital that can be put back into the business itself. That means more jobs, more growth, and a stronger economy.

To learn more about Capstone Payment Solutions, our partners, and how we can work together to help lower your digital payment fees, contact us now.