Capstone Payment Solutions provides payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes, with lower fees, better pricing, and superior customer service. Capstone is an innovative company that offers competitive and cost-effective solutions to everyone we work with, at scale. Our primary focus is to save you money, make payments more efficient, and provide outstanding customer service that is transparent and direct. Our services ensure you’ll never overpay for payment processing again. Here’s how:


Credit and debit card purchases are ubiquitous in all forms of commerce these days, and that means you need the best card payment processing solutions available on the market. Capstone ensures that payment processing via credit and debit cards is simple for your customer and cost-efficient for you. See the difference for yourself when you sign up for this service!


Advances in near-field communication (NFC) technologies has made mobile payments a standard for small and large businesses all over the world. When customers pay with their phone, they want convenience. When merchants accept mobile payments, they want to make sure that the processing is fast, the fees are low, and the network doesn’t go down. Let us help you find the best mobile payment solutions for you, today. 

Payment Gateway

E-commerce drives close to 500 billion dollars in revenue annually, and that number shows no signs of slowing down. This online method of selling has allowed an array of new business models to enter the commerce space, and helped existing businesses grow and expand. With e-commerce services from Capstone, you get reliability, efficiency, and payment processing built to handle the specific demands needed to do it well. 


Customer convenience is king when it comes to payment processing, and wireless terminals are a great way provide a convenient service for your customers. Wireless terminal transactions allow you to bring the point of sale directly to the customer, and a good wireless terminal service helps make that happen without extra costs or delays. Start bringing wireless payment processing to your business today with quality services from Capstone Payment Solutions.


At Capstone Payment Solutions we offer countertop terminals that fit any size of business or personal venture. These terminals are sleek, efficient, and easy to use from both a customer and merchant perspective. They fit almost anywhere and are equipped with fast payment processing technology that will allow your customers to complete a purchase and be on their way in no time while giving you low fees and efficiency while receiving payment.

Point of Sale
Payment Processing

From a small business payment processing perspective, everything happens at the point of sale. Your register is the heart of where your in-person sales take place, and if things get backed up, you lose money. Ensure that you have the best point of sale payment processing services ready to take on volume, process quickly, and not cost you a fortune. With Capstone Payment Solutions, you get the best point of sale payment processing with the lowest fees, allowing you and your business to focus on what you do best. 

To learn more about Capstone Payment Solutions and what we can do for you or your business, contact us here, today!